Friday, March 13, 2009

Marder II Platoon

I have always enjoyed doing open-topped vehicles and these Marder II's from Battlefront were no exception. Of course, I had to junk them up a bit, adding stowage from Battlefront, Minifigs and Old Glory. The paint brands I used include Tamiya, Vallejo and Reaper paints as well as the new Citadel washes. The camouflage pattern I choose was one I found in issue Allied-Axis issue 22. All of these issues show wonderful photos, both vintage and new one's of restored vehicles.

Battlefront's Wespe is next on my agenda as well as a Platoon of Panzer IV H's. I am also working on my own personal American 6th Armored Division 'Bulge' army in winter camo and I should have pictures up soon.

Please click on any photograph to see it in greater detail.

T-34/76 obr 1942 Platoon

This platoon of T-34's are pretty much straight out of the box from Battlefront. The only thing added was new decals from Beacon Publications. Paints include Army Painter, Vallejo, Reaper and Citadel paints . The scheme is typical of T-34's in 1943-45. This box set was very enjoyable to paint and assemble and I am looking forward to doing another set, possibly in a winter scheme.

Please click on any of the photographs to see it in greater detail.

StuG III G Platoon

Here is my Sturmgeschutz III G platoon. The models are from Battlefront with details added from Battlefront, Minifigs and Old Glory. Tamiya and Vallejo paints were used a well as Citadel's new washes. Decals are from Battlefront and Beacon Publications. Marking reflect several prototypes on the eastern front in 1944 to 1945.

Please click on any of the photographs to see them in detail.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tide Of Armor

Greetings, I have created this blog to show off and discuss current and past models for Flames Of War as well as giving everyone a chance to see some of my step-by-step painting techniques. The first few posts will include a few models I have just completed.