Friday, March 13, 2009

Marder II Platoon

I have always enjoyed doing open-topped vehicles and these Marder II's from Battlefront were no exception. Of course, I had to junk them up a bit, adding stowage from Battlefront, Minifigs and Old Glory. The paint brands I used include Tamiya, Vallejo and Reaper paints as well as the new Citadel washes. The camouflage pattern I choose was one I found in issue Allied-Axis issue 22. All of these issues show wonderful photos, both vintage and new one's of restored vehicles.

Battlefront's Wespe is next on my agenda as well as a Platoon of Panzer IV H's. I am also working on my own personal American 6th Armored Division 'Bulge' army in winter camo and I should have pictures up soon.

Please click on any photograph to see it in greater detail.

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